EPCOR Did You Know video series, Small Business Fraud: Phishing Protection

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Cannabis Banking: Getting Closer to the Elusive “Safe Harbor?”

Now is the time for your organization to consider making plans for marijuana banking!

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CFPB Issues Request for Comment

This could impact your organization and how you interact with large nonbank companies.

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EPCOR Payments Conference - Fall 2023 = Major Success, Co-Pilot!

Birds of a feather flock together and when payments birds unite, ideas take flight!

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Distinguishing Originators, TPSs & TPSPs—Oh My!

To manage your risk, you need controls fitted to your client’s role in the ACH Network.

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Originator Education = the Best Line of Defense

By providing adequate and efficient education, you are mitigating your risks!

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Ghostbusting the Monsters of Fraud

Much like garlic wards off vampires, knowing how fraudsters operate can help you fight them off!

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Where is Hoot-E?

Hoot-E is Happy to be Flying Around the EPCOR Footprint Again!

Where is Hoot-E this Quarter...

We are excited to once again travel throughout the EPCOR footprint and bring our Payment Systems Update within driving distance of ALL member locations! Be sure to watch for Hoot-E's updated travel itinerary as the year unfolds.

  • Center for Payments Meeting
    January 7-9, Herndon, VA
  • Faster Payments Council Board Meeting
    January 16, Dallas, TX
  • Nebraska Association for Financial Professionals
    February 20, Omaha, NE
  • NCP Editorial Board Meeting
    February 25-27, Las Vegas, NV
  • AAP Blue Ribbon Panel
    March 9-11, Herndon, VA

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