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Payment Systems Awards

Be recognized for your achievements! Each year, EPCOR recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding leadership, innovation and excellence in the development, implementation or advancement of electronic payments and risk mitigation solutions with The Marquis Award and/or The Payments Innovation Award. The awards are presented at the EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring and Fall.

All EPCOR members, including depository financial institutions, affiliates and associates, and their affiliated organizations, are eligible nominees. We invite your nominations via the official nomination form. You can even nominate yourself!

Nomination Process

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Hall of Fame

The EPCOR Hall of Fame recognizes payments professionals or organizations that have received a Marquis Award, The Payments Innovation Award, Distinguished Service Award or TPI Scholarship.

The Payments Innovation Award

The Payments Innovation Award is presented to an individual or organization that has implemented innovative payments or risk management solutions.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honors EPCOR members who have served as a volunteer and have made significant contributions to furthering the mission and purpose of the Association.

Marquis Award

Established in 1990, the Marquis Award is presented to individuals or organizations that exemplify best practices in electronic payments implementation, expand awareness and utilization of electronic payments or contribute greatly to the mission of the Association.

The Payments Institute (TPI) Scholarship Recipients

EPCOR awards the the John P. Borden/Anthony Cope Payments Scholarship for a TPI scholarship annually. Hosted by Nacha, TPI is an intensive educational experience providing attendees an opportunity to learn about the latest advancements, products, services, processes, applications and risk in all payments systems – ACH, cards, checks and wires.

EPCOR TPI scholarships are named in honor of two individuals who exhibited leadership, foresight, determination and commitment to the early development of their associations and the ACH Network.

John P. Borden was President of Mid-America Payment Exchange and The Greater Kansas City Clearing House Association. Mr. Borden was instrumental in advancing the ACH Network, establishing one of the first Regional Payments (ACH) Associations in the country and launching the National Automated Clearing House Association (Nacha).

Anthony Cope was President of The Ohio Educational Credit Union, Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Cope was an early adopter of ACH in its formative years and served his industry and the ACH Network for many years as an Association leader and proponent of electronic payments technology.

Award Winners


  • 2022 Payments Innovation Award – EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring 2022

    EPCOR President & CEO Susan Doyle, AAP, presented the 2022 Payments Innovation Award to RIBBIT for leveraging the recency and accuracy of bank behavior to power lenders, billers, banks and Fintechs to make smarter decisions, expand financial inclusion and reduce fraud.

    “In the face of pervasive fraud, it can be difficult for financial institutions to keep pace with tech-savvy criminal networks and the onslaught of ever-evolving attacks. RIBBIT Inc. brings risk-mitigating, AI-powered insight within reach for financial institutions and organizations of all sizes without the requirement of invasive personal information that is often difficult to obtain,” remarked Doyle.

    Brian Dao, Vice President of Product & Marketing at RIBBIT, accepted the Payments Innovation Award in recognition of its bank behavior insights that identify 12 thousand fraudulent bank accounts weekly, often created with valid consumer credentials. Driven by real-time banking and payment data, RIBBIT’s insights examine over one trillion data points to validate account ownership and assess bank account stability. Banks and credit unions leverage these insights to streamline new, digital account openings while managing risk of payment acceptance. As an ACH processor, RIBBIT increased its ACH processing by 344% from 2020 to 2021 and is on pace to add another 77% by the end of the year.

    “We’re honored to receive the Payments Innovation Award from an organization that truly promotes the improvement of our payment systems,” said Brian. “Since forming in 2020, RIBBIT has worked hard to protect the integrity of the ACH network by analyzing the behavior of bad accounts. Our bank behavior data recently identified 500,000 fraudulent bank accounts transacting with over 2,000,000 different identities in our network. We are committed to keeping these fraudulent accounts out of our payment systems.”


  • 2021 Payments Innovation Awards – EPCOR Payments Conference – Fall 2021

    EPCOR President & CEO Susan Doyle, AAP, presented two 2021 Payments Innovation Awards to Corporate One Federal Credit Union and its credit union service organization, Sherpa Technologies, and Jack Henry, independently.

    “As the race for faster payments has accelerated, faster payments solutions have remained out of reach for many small to mid-size financial institutions. It is an honor to present not one but two Payments Innovations Awards to our members for creating innovative solutions that bring faster payments within reach for financial institutions of all sizes,” remarked Doyle.

    Corporate One President and CEO Melissa Ashley and Sherpa Technologies President and CEO Keith Riddle accepted the Payments Innovations Award in recognition of the development both organizations completed on Sherpa’s Mosaic platform, which is an open payments messaging and integration services platform that now allows credit union, FinTechs and digital experience providers to connect to the RTP® network and integrate their desired real-time payments solutions through a single platform. Mosaic supports Corporate One’s connection to the RTP network, enabling Corporate One to act as a Funding Agent and manage the 24/7/365 funding and liquidity demands for credit union network participants and it will also soon offer corporate RTP payments as an option to its members.

    “The teams at Corporate One and our credit union service organization, Sherpa Technologies, have worked hard to develop solutions that level the playing field and help credit unions easily access the RTP network, manage their funding positions and facilitate payments for their respective institutions,” said Ashley. “Industry recognition, like this award, encourages us to continue our efforts to ensure all credit unions have the opportunity to realize the benefits offered by real-time payments.”

    Jack Henry’s Payments Innovation Award was accepted by Rusiru Gunasena, Jack Henry/PayCenter Managing Director, in recognition of the JHA PayCenter platform and support of real-time and faster payments options. The JHA PayCenter is a payments hub with endpoint connections to internal Jack Henry & Associate® and third-party digital platforms. Leveraging the platform, Jack Henry provides clients with turnkey Zelle® P2P and RTP® Network products regardless of their digital partner or whether they are hosted on premise or through a third party. They plan to add access to the FedNow network when it goes live in 2023.

    “Jack Henry is proud of the work by our talented team to bring faster payment network solutions to our institutions and FinTech partners,” said Gunasena. “Being nominated and receiving this award is confirmation of our approach and commitment to provide turnkey payment solutions that help our customers achieve competitive advantage in a growing marketplace.”


  • 2020 Payments Innovation Award – EPCOR Payments Conference 2020 – Virtual Edition

    Amber Bass, APRP, SVP, Business/eBanking Solutions, accepted the Award in recognition of First Community Bank’s Verify program that detects ACH abnormalities and monitors for data errors and suspicious activity. The solution allows the bank to proactively manage payment activity, while mitigating risk and fraud for the institution and its corporate clients.

    “It is an honor to recognize First Community Bank for establishing this program and being diligent in upholding the safety and security of the ACH Network,” remarked Susan Doyle, AAP, President & CEO, EPCOR.


  • 2019 Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference – Fall 2019

    Bill Esry, President and CEO accepted the Marquis Award in recognition of Blue Ridge Bank & Trust’s unique Independence Square branch which opened in May 2019. The branch is home to a unique capstone program that offers students from three different high schools an opportunity to learn all aspects of finance and banking through classroom time and real-life experience, with senior capstone students working fully hands-on as part-time employees.

    “It is an honor to present the EPCOR Marquis Award to Blue Ridge Bank & Trust for establishing this program and introducing a new generation to banking and the fascinating world of payments,” remarked Bartels.

  • 2019 Payments Innovation Award – EPCOR Payments Conference – Fall 2019

    The Payments Innovation Award was presented to Art Moore, AAP, Vice President, Deposit Operations Manager in honor of nbkc bank’s Fountain City Fintech program which offers a forward-thinking banking partner, compliance expertise and a solid infrastructure for scale to early-stage technology startups that focus on the financial services industry. The 75-day accelerator program, launched in 2018 and led by Zach Anderson Pettet, is one of the first accelerator programs run by a community bank focusing on Fintechs in the U.S.

    “I am pleased to present the Payments Innovation Award to nbkc bank for establishing Fountain City Fintech, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship and putting Kansas City on the map as a fintech friendly city,” Bartels shared.


  • 2018 Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring 2018

    Scott Laferty, AAP, NCP, accepted on behalf of Heritage Bank
    In recognition of the bank’s robust ACH Risk Management and Due Diligence program which includes an extensive review of not only Third-Party Sender clients, but the customers of the Third-Party Sender as well. As a result, the $7.6 million bank has been able to expand its Third-Party Sender program and Treasury Management Services. In the three years since the program was launched, the once very low ACH activity originated by the bank has grown to over 500,000 transactions per month, possibly ending 2018 with over 1,500,000 transactions.

  • 2018 Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference – Fall 2018

    Leah Morgan, AAP, accepted on behalf of Grand Savings Bank of Grove, OK
    In recognition Grand Savings Bank’s “Junior Board” program. High school students who are elected to serve on the Junior Board participate in monthly meetings which include ongoing mentoring and financial services education, as well as opportunities to engage in community service projects and visit the state capital and local business customers of the bank.

  • 2018 Payments Innovation Award – EPCOR Payments Conference – Fall 2018

    The award was given to Jill Castilla, Citizens Bank of Edmond
    In honor of the complete 180-turnaround of Citizens Bank of Edmond that she facilitated using an innovative approach to FinTech and social media. The development of ATM customer interaction products, small business cash mobs and the community event “Heard on Hurd” are just a few of the noteworthy accomplishments that changed the bank’s story from near failure to great success.


  • 2017 Payments Innovation Award

    The award was given to Profit Engine, LLC

  • 2017 Marquis Award

    The award was given to Benita Penick, AAP, NCP, PBI Bank


  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference - Spring 2016

    The award was given to Tim Mills.
    The EPCOR Marquis Award, which is presented to individuals or organizations that exemplify best practices in electronic payments implementation, expand awareness and utilization of ACH payments or contribute greatly to the mission of the Association, was awarded to Tim Mills of The Clearing House for being a long-time supporter of EPCOR and its predecessor association, Payments Central.


  • 2015 Distinguished Service Award - EPCOR Payments Conference - Spring 2015

    The award was given to Marcus Wannemacher.
    Wannemacher, formerly of Corporate One Federal Credit Union and long-standing EPCOR Director, was acknowledged for encouraging all credit unions, regardless of their size, to engage with their regional payments association, embrace the ACH Rules and conduct their annually-required ACH Rules Compliance Audit.

  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference - Fall 2015

    The award was presented to Carroll Monden, AAP, Treasury Management Operations Manager, First United Bank & Trust of Durant, Oklahoma.
    Monden was recognized for his support of EPCOR and the association’s annual Payment Systems Update seminar, ensuring that the payments professionals of Durant, Oklahoma would have access to local payments training. He launched his own marketing efforts and continues to send personalized communications to bankers in the area to ensure the longevity and viability of the program.

  • Payments Innovation Award - Spring 2015

    The award was given to The Bank of Kentucky.
    The Bank of Kentucky was recognized for its comprehensive risk underwriting and risk management program for Third-Party Senders. Through astute attention to detail and risk management protocols, The Bank of Kentucky has demonstrated to regulators that the bank is proactive in managing the risks associated with and providing unique and beneficial services to its 18 Third-Party Sender customers. Scott Laferty, Cash Management Lead and Amy Roberts, Risk Officer accepted the Payments Innovation Award on behalf of The Bank of Kentucky.

  • Payments Innovation Award - Fall 2015

    The award was given to Suresh Ramamurthi, Chairman, CBW Bank.
    Alan Deines, EVP, CBW Bank, accepted the award on behalf of Ramamurthi who was recognized for revolutionizing the $12 million CBW Bank in Weir, Kansas, a small community of roughly 680 residents. Through many innovations guided by Ramamurthi, CBW Bank is now offering services not available at even the nation’s largest banks, including instant payments to any bank in the U.S., direct remittance transfers abroad, specialized debit cards and a software systems that almost instantly rates the risk of any transaction by looking at 20 to 40 factors.


  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference - Spring 2014

    The award was given to Corporate One Federal Credit Union.
    Corporate One Federal Credit Union was recognized for its Sponsored EPCOR Membership Program in which the organization sponsors EPCOR membership for its over 180 member credit unions with less than $20 million in assets, and provides an annual copy of EPCOR’s ACH Audit Workbook, free ACH Origination training for Executive and Operations staff and ACH Origination Tool Kits to each of its credit union members.

  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference - Fall 2014

    The award was presented jointly to Carrollton Bank and St. Louis Community Credit Union.
    Carrollton Bank and St. Louis Community Credit Union were recognized for creating a unique partnership that allows them to provide greater access to affordable financial services, increase lending and expand financial education to the local underserved and Low and Moderate Income (LMI) population of St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Payments Innovation Award - Spring 2014

    The award was given to Michele Bertoia of The Huntington National Bank.
    The Huntington National Bank was acknowledged for completing a full risk review of The Huntington National Bank’s Treasury Management Suite of 28 products, which included a Risk Assessment of each product that identified and documented gaps and solutions as well as the development of a centralized program for process standardization and guidance around product risks.

  • Payments Innovation Award - Fall 2014

    The award was given to NBC Oklahoma.
    NBC Oklahoma was acknowledged for how they are utilizing the FedACH Risk®-RDFI Alert Service to provide timely information on ACH activity to their corporate customers, which in turn helps ensure the customers are protected from unwanted transactions.


  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference Spring 2013

    The award was given to Pulaski Bank.
    Denise DeRousse, Senior Vice President, Banking Operations accepted on the company's behalf. Acknowledged for its progressive program to serve the unbanked and underbanked consumers in the St. Louis region. The bank also hosts free workshops that address such topics as budgeting, college financing, home buying, wise use of credit, savings and investing, and identity theft in an effort to educate consumers.

  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference Fall 2013

    The award was given to Fifth Third Bank.
    Recognized for its Fifth Third Financial Empowerment Mobile (eBus & eBus II) program which provides financial advice and guidance to low-income, underserved areas.

  • Payments Innovation Award

    The award was given to Paycom.
    Tom Bubb, Banking Manager accepted the award on the company's behalf. Paycom was recognized for its cutting-edge payroll software as well as its comprehensive ACH Risk Management Policy that addresses client due diligence practices for the on-boarding of new clients, in addition to their promotion of Direct Deposit via ACH.


  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference Spring 2012

    EPCOR President Jerry Woessner, AAP, was formally recognized for his contributions to the payments industry.

  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference Fall 2012

    The award was presented to Debbie Howell, AAP

  • Payments Innovation Award

    The award was presented to ACH Alert

  • Distinguished Service Award

    The award was presented to Michael S. Spafford

  • Anthony Cope TPI Scholarship

    The award was presented to Ashley Smith, Bankers Bank of Kansas, Wichita, KS

  • John P. Borden TPI Scholarship

    The award was presented to Patricia Tillson, Merchants Bank of Indiana, Lynn, IN.


  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference Spring 2011

    The award was presented to Montgomery County Treasurer's Office.

  • Marquis Award - EPCOR Payments Conference Fall 2011

    The award was presented to Brotherhood Bank & Trust.

  • Payments Innovation Award

    The award was given to Debbie DeMarea.

  • TPI Scholarship

    Kimberly Craig, Corporate One Federal Credit Union, Columbus, OH.

    Kactus Kelly, Kansas State Bank, Manhattan, KS


  • Marquis Award – Mid-America Payments Conference 2010

    The award was presented to Commerce Bank. Senior Vice President, Michael S. Spafford accepted on the company's behalf.

  • Marquis Award – Payments Summit Conference 2010

    The award was presented to Dollar Bank Vice. President of Corporate Operations and Risk Management, Harold Reidenbaugh accepted on the company's behalf.

  • TPI Scholarship

    Jason West, AAP, Credit Union of America

    Jill Garber, AAP, Lake City Bank


  • Marquis Award

    APEX-ACH, a program of U.S. Central Federal Credit Union

    The award was accepted by Cynthia Simpson, Program Manager & Becky Dunster, Assistant Vice President

  • Marquis Award

    Mike Tiapale, AAP, Senior Payments System Consultant, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

  • Distinguished Service Award

    Duane Fager, President, CoreFirst Bank & Trust Co.

  • TPI Scholarship

    Toni Martin, AAP, MasterCard Worldwide

    Tricia Longo, AAP, Salin Bank & Trust Co.


  • Marquis Award

    Nebraska State Treasurer's Office

    The award was accepted by Michelle Raphael, Treasury Management Director

  • TPI Scholarship

    Jennifer Wilson, AAP, Springs Valley Bank & Trust Co.

    Tracy Stewart, AAP, Bankers' Bank of Kansas, N.A.

    Lori Ann Coyle, Metropolitan National Bank

    Tricia Wells, AAP, Fifth Third Bank

    Kristel Goins, AAP, Fiberglass FCU


  • Marquis Award

    Sandy Jensen, AAP, Cash Management Officer, Empire Bank

  • TPI Scholarship

    Kathleen Barnes, AAP, Your Community Bank

    Michael Schumacher, AAP, Douglas County Bank

    Cindy Chastain, AAP, Bank of Cave City

    Melissa Kramer, AAP, Montgomery Co. Treasurer

    Wendy Brown, Commercial & Savings Bank


  • Marquis Award

    Wendy Wishon, AAP, Senior Vice President, EPCOR

  • TPI Scholarship

    Kim Orth, Bank of Oklahoma

    Diana Acuff, AAP, First Federal Bank of Arkansas

    Amy Hatfield, AAP, BMI FCU

    Chat Coats, AAP, Corporate One FCU


  • Marquis Award

    American National Property and Casualty Companies (ANPAC)

    The award was accepted by John McCaskill, Director of Underwriting Systems, Project and Support

  • TPI Scholarship

    Polly McCord, Peoples Bank

    Lisa Shrigley, AAP, Nationwide Bank

    Laura Eischen, Bank Liberty

    Leslie Ewing, Stockmans Bank

    Pamela Kibler, Edward Jones