RTP Audit Services

RTP Audit Services



The real-time payments revolution is here. The Clearing House’s Real Time Payment (RTP) platform is now available to financial institutions, funding agents and core banking providers. Consumers and businesses can send instantaneous payments on a 24/7/365 basis. Strong business practices over your RTP program are vital to comply with the RTP Operating and Participation Rules. Our expert audit team will provide an independent audit of your institution’s RTP program, covering key aspects of the function from policies/procedures, risk management, fraud controls, business practices, agreements, sending customer due diligence processes, commercial and consumer payment messages, and funding and settlement processes.

“The RTP Annual Audit performed by EPCOR was simple and smooth. EPCOR used the RTP Self-Audit Workbook as defined by The Clearing House to provide a clear and concise audit request list to be fulfilled. Using a secure ShareFile site, all documentation was loaded for each individual request item which was subsequently review by the EPCOR auditor. Any questions were addressed as they surfaced. A final audit review was perform with documented results that can be retained as supporting documentation of the attestation that the audit was performed y the TCH RTP Rules.”
– Carla Wilson – The Huntington National Bank

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