Introducing the EPCOR Knowledge Community

Introduction to the EPCOR Knowledge Community


The EPCOR Knowledge Community is a private platform encompassing all members-only payments resources, and is a place for EPCOR members and staff to communicate, collaborate and share ideas. This community serves as a channel for member services, peer-to-peer dialogue and committee activities. It houses discussion threads, blogs, news articles, payment systems resources, research studies, sample forms, statistics and more!

All members have been pre-populated into the Community with a basic profile that's waiting to be activated. All you need to do is log in and customize your profile, update your privacy settings and choose your subscriptions. The EPCOR Knowledge Community User Guide or Tutorial Videos below will walk you through the process.

This brief series of introductory videos highlights the main features of EPCOR's Knowledge Community site. Members can visit to log in and join the payments conversation.

Tutorial on Profile & Privacy Settings


Tutorial on Communities & Subscriptions


Tutorial on Member Directory and Private Messages


Tutorial on Blogs


Tutorial on Libraries

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