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  • Basics of Establishing a New Originator – Customer Due Diligence New relationships are tough – how can you be sure your prospective business partner is who they say they are? Customer due diligence – that’s how!
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  • FBI Warns of Uptick in Wire Fraud The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning to all businesses to be on the lookout for wire transfer fraud.
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  • Two EPCOR Members are Atlanta Bound! A hearty congratulations to the two EPCOR members who received our 2017 The Payments Institute (TPI) Scholarships!
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  • 128 Days to Same Day Debits – Are You Ready? NACHA's Same Day ACH for Businesses Essentials Guide is a ready resource for you and your corporate customers.
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  • NACHA Launches Third-Party Sender Certification Program NACHA's Certification demonstrates a Third-Party Sender's commitment to quality and can set businesses apart from their competitors.
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  • NACHA’s Faster Payments Guide Announced NACHA’s Introduction to Faster Payments in the U.S. can help you navigate and understand some of the fundamentals of faster payments.
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Where is EPCOR in Q2

  • Risk Management Assoc. Conference
    April 3 - 6, Cambridge, MA
  • NACHA Risk Accreditation Oversight Panel
    April 4 - 6, Herndon, VA
  • Nebraska Assoc. of Financial Professionals
    April 20, Omaha, NE
  • St. Louis TMA Conference
    April 20, St. Louis MO
    April 23 - 26, Austin, TX
  • Indiana Bankers Mega Conference
    May 2 - 4, Indianapolis, IN
  • Southern Financial Exchange Conference
    May 2 - 4, Biloxi, MS
  • American Payroll Assoc. Congress Conference
    May 18, Orlando, FL
  • Community Bankers Assoc. of Ohio Compliance Forum
    May 19, Columbus, OH
  • EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring 2017
    May 23 - 25, Columbus, OH
  • Payments Innovation Alliance
    June 1 - 2, Berlin, Germany
  • Secure Payments Task Force
    June 8 - 9, Charlotte NC
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The mission of EPCOR is to provide our members with the knowledge, support and industry representation necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving electronic payments business.

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