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In The News

  • The Challenge of Educating Originators and Third-Party Senders The ACH Rules list keeping Originators and Third-Party Senders informed of the Rules as a responsibility of the ODFI. But, how? Let’s see...
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  • And The Oscar Goes To... Thank you for playing along with our EPCOR Blockbuster games for August’s Member Appreciation Month! Now it’s time for our winners to make their debut on the red carpet – and claim their fantastic prizes.
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  • Same Day ACH Debits Take Effect Next Week! Here are some last minute tips from Shelly Simpson, AAP, Director, ACH Rules Education & Certification.
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  • New Third-Party Registration Forms Available for Free Download EPCOR has developed two forms to assist financial institutions with collecting the required information in order to register Third-Party Senders on NACHA's new Risk Management Portal. The Portal will begin accepting registrations September 29, 2017, when the new Third-Party Sender ACH Rule takes effect.
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  • NACHA Launches New Risk Management Portal NACHA’s new portal will host risk management resources, Third-Party Sender registration access, Direct Access registration access and more.
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Where is EPCOR in Q3

  • CBAO Annual Convention Compliance Forum
    August 2, Cincinnati, OH
  • NACHA APRP Oversight Panel
    August 8-9, Herndon, VA
  • Indiana Bankers Association
    August 10, Indianapolis, IN
  • MIB User Conference
    August 23-25, St. Charles, MO
  • Missouri AGA Professional Development Meeting
    August 29-30, Osage Beach, MO
  • ECCHO Ops Meeting
    September 6-7, Rockwall, TX
  • NACHA Risk Management Advisory Group
    September 18-19, Herndon, VA
  • MBA Regulatory Compliance Conference
    September 17-19, Washington, DC
  • Missouri Bankers Association Compliance Conference
    September 20-21, Osage Beach, MO
  • Nebraska AFP Conference
    September 21, Omaha, NE
  • Kansas City AFP Conference
    September 29, Kansas City, MO
  • MIB User Conference
    October 4-6, Lincoln, NE
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The mission of EPCOR is to provide our members with the knowledge, support and industry representation necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving electronic payments business.

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