EPCOR Electronic Resources License

2019 EPCOR Electronic Resources License


The EPCOR Electronic Resources License provides unlimited access to more than 30 on-demand training courses and 20 publications for your entire organization, with more on the way! For a flat fee of just $150 - $500*, every employee has access to the payments education and tools they need all year long. No travel costs, no scheduling conflicts, it’s a no brainer!

*Available to EPCOR members only. Pricing is based on the number of employees employed by your organization; obtained from the FDIC, NCUA and related websites.

Electronic Resources License Benefits and User Guidelines Informational Recording

This informational recording provides an overview of the Electronic Resources License, covering what the License is, how to use the License and steps to access the on-demand courses, tools and publications that are included with the License. Whether you are considering purchasing the License, or have already enrolled, this recording will help you understand how the License works and ways you could utilize it to benefit your organization.

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“Very cost effective way to gain extra training opportunities and documents.”
–Todd Dials, AAP, NCP, Citizens National Bank

“Fantastic! The Origination resources have been invaluable.”
–Ryan Morris, AAP, Liberty First Credit Union

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Below is a listing of the on-demand courses, publications and tools included in the EPCOR Electronic Resources License - and more are on the way!

To purchase the EPCOR Electronic Resources License, download and complete the application form.

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For help getting started with your new license, download the new Getting Started PDF and get the answers to some frequently asked questions with the FAQ PDF.

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Electronic Resources License
Course Library

  • Account Takeover for the RDFI Lecture
  • ACH 101: ACH Participants and Transaction Flow
  • ACH 102: Recognizing an ACH Transaction
  • ACH Risk Management for Lenders Lecture
  • ACH Risk Management:Community Bank Board Lecture
  • ACH Security Framework for Originators
  • ACH Stop Payments – Consumer Accounts
  • An Intro to ACH Security: Operations Perspective
  • Basics of ACH Origination for Credit Unions
  • BSA 101: BSA Basics
  • BSA 102: Compliance Program – New for 2018
  • BSA 201: Reporting and Non-compliance – Coming Soon
  • Cards 101
  • Checks 101
  • Consumer Unauthorized ACH Transactions
  • Credit History Fraud Lecture
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Federal Government Reclamations
  • Implementing an ACH Security Framework
  • International ACH Transactions
  • International Remittance Transfers (1073) Rule
  • Navigating the ACH Rules
  • Navigating Operating Circular 3
  • Other RDFI Exceptions for Consumer Transactions
  • Payment Systems Rules & Regulations: ACH
  • Prerequisites of ACH Origination for Credit Unions
  • RDC & The Regulatory Environment Lecture
  • RDFI Returns
  • Regulation D - Coming Soon
  • Regulation E Subpart A – Disclosures & Notices
  • Regulation E Subpart A – Fundamentals
  • Regulation E Subpart A – Investigations
  • Regulation GG Requirements and Compliance
  • Same Day ACH Basic Rules Lecture
  • So You Think You Want to be an AAP?
  • So You Think You Want to be an NCP?
  • Understanding Check Adjustments
  • Understanding the Green Book Lecture
  • Understanding the X9.100-187 Check Standard
  • Wires 101: Fundamentals – New for 2018
  • Wires 102: Legal Framework – New for 2018

Electronic Resources License Publications/Tools Library

  • A Bank’s Quick Reference Guide to ACH Origination – Updates Coming 2019
  • ACH File Formatting Tools for Originators
  • ACH Origination Application
  • ACH Origination Checklist – Bank Version
  • ACH Origination Checklist – Credit Union Version
  • ACH Origination Checklist for Third-Party Senders
  • ACH Policies
  • ACH Quick Reference Guide – Updates Coming 2019
  • ACH Stop Payment Request Order Form
  • ATM and Debit Card Dispute Forms
  • BSA Quick Reference – New for 2018
  • Check/Image Breach of Warranty Claim Form
  • EFT Dispute Toolkit
  • Merchant RDC Review Checklist
  • Mobile RDC Review Checklist for Financial Institutions
  • ODFI Audit Checklists for Originators and Third-Party Senders
  • ODFI/Originator Agreements and Tools
  • Origination Risk Management Tools
  • Originator Risk Calculator
  • RDC Indemnity Claim Forms
  • The Credit Union’s Guide to ACH Origination – Updates Coming 2019
  • Wire Audit Checklist
  • Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit Form

Download as many publications as you want, as many times as you want. 1x, 2x, 1,000x – at no additional cost.

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