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Roll up your sleeves and dig deep into important payments topics with one of our workshops. A hands-on approach allows you to dissect important information and apply the information to your organization.

Virtual Debit Card Workshop

Join us for this two-day workshop to take a deep dive into the Debit Card and ATM space. Topics will include ATM and ITM management and troubleshooting, managing your Debit Card portfolio, cardholder disputes, fraud mitigation techniques, strategy to enhance your cardbase, and new innovations in the card space.

When: May 30 – 31

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Workshop Agenda

Day 1

  • Introduction to Debit Cards
  • Card Network Compliance
  • A Roadmap for Debit Card Disputes

Day 2

  • Debit Card Fraud Types
  • Debit Card Fraud Mitigation
  • Strategies to Enhance Your Debit Cards

Session Descriptions

Day 1 • May 30

Introduction to Debit Cards

Jeff Koelling
This session acts as a workshop primer, kicking off with a comparison of the different types of plastic cards such as credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards. Then, we’ll discuss how card transactions are routed between participants of the card network. For debit cards, interchange fees have various components and effects on issuing financial institutions, including ATM surcharges and other fees flowing within the card system.

Card Network Compliance

Jeff Koelling
As an issuing financial institution for popular debit card brands such as VISA or MasterCard within your debit card portfolio, your financial institution must comply with card network rules. Embedded within the card network, there are various convenience fees and surcharges that impact participants. Furthermore, there are compliance standards set forth by the card network and the Dodd Frank Act of 2010. When issuing for a particular card network, there are different rules on branding in terms of logo use on your debit cards or displayed elsewhere within your financial institution products or services.

A Roadmap for Debit Card Disputes

Diana Kern
Like humans and snowflakes, each dispute is different, and the variables seem endless. Does Regulation E apply? Do you need to know the network rules for your global brand? What if both apply to the same dispute? Even a small change in your approach can ease your pain points. Join Diana to clear up some common misconceptions about Regulation E and understand how network rules don’t always align with the Regulation.

Day 2 • May 31

Debit Card Fraud Types

Jeff Koelling
Your cardholders can be affected by different types of debit card fraud, which cause dispute volumes to increase. There are card skimmers on devices, database hacking, and other schemes and scams causing fraud incidents to continually rise. In addition, there are various types of fraud such as being induced to authorize transfers or “friendly fraud” such as when cardholders either use the dispute process to their advantage on not wanting to pay for goods or services.

Debit Card Fraud Mitigation

Jeff Koelling
With your many account holders having debit card access devices that are used throughout the country by swiping or inserting into retailer terminals, stored on smartphone devices, and used and stored online, debit card fraud is inevitable. However, there are a few debit card mitigants that may help your financial institution such as velocity controls or limits to detect clusters of transactions sent by fraudsters. Improve your monitoring of debit card transactions to detect out-of-pattern transactions regarding different transaction types and merchants. Lastly, improve your communications with your cardholder whenever monitoring detects something or making them aware of security risks.

Strategies to Enhance Your Debit Cards

Adam Thompson
Payment systems evolve and plastic cards are no different, with card payments and functionality changing at a rapid pace. During this session you’ll hear how Fintechs are reimagining new ways to generate card activity plus you leave with practical takeaways of you can compete in the competitive world of digital payments.


Diana Kern headshot

Diana Kern, AAP

Client Learning Strategist, Shazam

Diana trains clients on products and services related to the card payments system, the ACH network, EFT compliance and more. Clients appreciate her ability to help them connect detailed operations concepts like fraud mitigation, exceptions handling, interchange and ROI to their day-to-day responsibilities. She explains complicated topics in a relatable way, helping clients understand what it means to them. A self-described payments nerd, Diana brings enthusiasm and passion for all things payments.

Adam Thompson headshot

Adam Thompson

Director of Sales, StrategyCorps

Adam is a self-proclaimed checking account nerd driven to take data analytics and market research to guide clients to the right product strategy to deepen relationships in their marketplace. His strategies drive increases in brand loyalty, non-interest income and deposits. He has guided over 80 financial institutions through retail checking improvements. Prior to joining StrategyCorps, Adam worked with Rivals.com, gaining a deep understanding of subscription strategies that drive engagement.

Jeff Koelling headshot

Jeff Koelling

Director of Operations, Issuing, Priority Commercial Payments

Jeff has 20 years of experience in the payments industry. His experience includes the areas of compliance, data security, interchange, pricing, vendor management, financial operations, bankcard acquiring, treasury management, issuing, product management, data science, fraud, chargebacks, processor integrations, BaaS and mergers and acquisitions.


Virtual Payments Compliance Workshop

The key to compliance is not only learning rules and regulations but understanding what they say and how they might affect your organization. This three day workshop will cover a variety of rules, regulations and guidance that govern the payments industry. Join us to gain a better understanding of the impact of common compliance considerations on your organization.

When: June 11 – 13

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Virtual Regulation E Boot Camp

Understanding Regulation E and how to apply it along side payments rules and regulations within the different payment systems is challenging! Join us for a two-day, virtual Regulation E boot camp where we will discuss how Regulation E affects ACH, debit cards, and the instant payment systems, RTP® and FedNow®. Together, we will walk through scenarios to test your knowledge in applying Regulation E to different situations that arise in your day-to-day operations.

When: June 26 – 27

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Virtual ACH Origination Workshop

Offering ACH Origination to your clients can help meet client needs, enhance client relationships and drive revenue. But it's not without its risks! Whether your financial institution is just considering testing the waters or is already an ODFI, join us for a hands-on approach to exploring ODFI roles and responsibilities. We'll cover topics important for new and old ODFIs alike including ACH policies and procedures, agreements, annual reviews, troubleshooting, risk mitigation and more.

When: December 11 – 12

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