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Take a deep dive into payments topics impacting your organization with one of our virtual symposiums. Symposiums provide a unique opportunity to get important information from industry experts without leaving your office.

Virtual Payments Fraud Symposium

During this symposium, we'll delve into three areas of fraud that impact payment participants and discuss mitigation techniques to help reduce the incidence of fraud.

When: April 30

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Symposium Agenda

  • The Scam Landscape
    12:00 pm CT
  • Mitigating Rising Debit Card Fraud for Financial Institutions
    1:00 pm CT
  • The Alarming Rise in Check Fraud
    2:00 pm CT

Session Descriptions

The Scam Landscape

Michael Timoney • 12 pm CT
As payment systems evolve, so do scams that target consumers and businesses. Scammers are constantly creating new schemes to steal money or other goods from unsuspecting account holders. Scams take advantage of weaknesses in technology and also manipulate account holders into a false sense of security, creating a sense of urgency and playing on emotions. Fraudsters are vigilant on keeping up with new products, services and current events to twist them to their advantage and convince consumers or businesses to send fraudulent payments their way. This session will identify recent schemes and discuss mitigation techniques.

Mitigating Rising Debit Card Fraud for Financial Institutions

Jeff Koelling • 1 pm CT
More than a decade ago, EMV chips were added to debit cards to help reduce counterfeit card fraud. Despite that, debit card fraud continues to rise and many financial institutions are expressing frustration with losses stemming from Reg E disputes. With each account holder having a Debit Card as an access device to their account and those cards being swiped across the country, used on websites or phone apps and stored on databases, Debit Card fraud is inevitable. Yet, there are mitigation techniques that financial institutions can use and also provide to their cardholders. Tune into this session to find out how security controls can enhance your debit card risk program.

The Alarming Rise in Check Fraud

Marcy Cauthon, AAP, APRP, NCP • 2 pm CT
The industry has seen a continuing rise in check fraud since 2022 and it appears that fraudsters are not slowing down anytime soon. And, as fraudsters profit from using the legacy check system to commit fraud, financial institutions look for ways to mitigate the fraud in the check image environment. Yet, as check imaging sped up the time it took to clear a paper check, it made detecting alterations and counterfeits more difficult. This session will cover pervasive check fraud schemes and methods your institution can utilize to mitigate check fraud. We will discuss your institution's liability and steps your institution can take when you encounter an altered or counterfeit check situation.


Marcy Cauthon headshot

Marcy Cauthon AAP, APRP, NCP

Sr. Director, On-Demand Education, EPCOR

Marcy is responsible for EPCOR’s National Check Payments Certification Prep Program and On-Demand Education. She also currently represents EPCOR members on the ECCHO Operations Committee, NCP Editorial Board and Nacha’s Payments Innovation Alliance. She has 26 years’ experience in the financial institution industry, including financial institution operations. Marcy obtained her AAP and NCP accreditations in 2011 and the APRP accreditation in 2018. She joined the EPCOR family in February 2011.

Mike Timoney headshot

Mike Timoney

Vice President, Secure Payments & FinTech, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Mike designs, develops and implements key elements of the Fed’s Payment Improvement strategy for payment security including improving fraud data, researching security and fraud trends and evaluating emerging security and fraud technologies. He also identifies and contributes to opportunities for collaboration with the payments industry to improve overall payments security. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Treasury Professional (CTP).

Jeff Koelling headshot

Jeff Koelling

Director of Operations, Issuing, Priority Commercial Payments

Jeff has 20 years of experience in the payments industry. His experience includes the areas of compliance, data security, interchange, pricing, vendor management, financial operations, bankcard acquiring, treasury management, issuing, product management, data science, fraud, chargebacks, processor integrations, BaaS and mergers and acquisitions.


Virtual Third-Party Sender Symposium

Third-Party Senders have been part of the ACH Network for decades; however, over the last few years, the payments industry has worked to better define their unique involvement in the network. Hear from ACH Rules experts and Third-Party Sender practitioners on how Third-Party Senders can ensure compliance and manage overall risk.

When: July 31

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Virtual Faster & Instant Payments Symposium

Join us to examine some of the most common faster and instant payments options in the payments industry. We will talk about faster payment options, such as Push-to-Card and Same Day ACH, as well as the instant payments options, RTP® and FedNow®. Get the latest updates, hear what is coming in the future and gain valuable insights from experts in the faster and instant payments space.

When: October 15

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Virtual Digital Assets Symposium

Are you looking to learn more about digital assets? Join us to examine digital assets like cryptocurrency, blockchain, non-fungible tokens and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). We will explore the digital asset life cycle, digital asset management, what's next in digital assets and more.

When: December 3

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