Check@5 End-of-Day Account Balance Checks

Check@5 – Your Faster Payments Customer Education Campaign

What is Check@5?

NEACH has created Check@5, a co-branded campaign to support your efforts to educate your customers about the potential for faster payments to move money out of their accounts more quickly than they expect.

Check@5 signifies a call-to-action, urging customers to get used to checking their accounts at the close of business each day, to get a good sense of their balance.

Why do my customers need Check@5?

On September 15, 2017, Same Day ACH debits will go live, meaning customers’ money has the potential, for the first time, to leave their accounts within hours of initiating a payment, which may lead to questions and concerns. While the world has picked up its pace, one thing remains consistent: no one wants money to move out of his or her account faster.

What benefits does Check@5 have for my institution?

Beyond simply preparing customers for Same Day ACH debits, Check@5 has positive impacts on everything from fraud monitoring to encouraging habits that increase in importance as payments further speed up. It’s a strategic campaign that leverages a milestone, the implementation of Same Day ACH debits, to create behaviors that will benefit your institution in the long run.

How do I join the Check@5 movement?

NEACH has created a group of tools and resources, including key customer communication pieces that can be co-branded and leveraged by financial institutions. This toolkit is available for download, offering turn-key resources for you to modify, adapt, and use with your customers.

Have additional questions about faster payments?

Get access to additional resources, articles and educational opportunities on our Emerging Payments Portal.

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Check@5 Toolkit

Download your customer education tools and resources.

Co-branded fact sheet

Email to consumer customers

Email to business customers

Social media posts

Web and Mobile site ads (standard sizes: both static and animation)

NACHA - Same Day ACH Debits Guidance for RDFIs


Download the complete toolkit.

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