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NEW Third-Party Sender Roles & Responsibilities for ODFIs and Third-Party Senders!


Effective September 30, 2022, new ACH Rules address roles and responsibilities of Third-Party Senders, with special attention to nested Third-Party Senders and Third-Party Sender risk assessments.

ODFIs and Third-Party Senders will need to work together to:

  • Identify nested Third-Party Sender relationships
  • Ensure that Third-Party Senders (and Nested Third-Party Senders) conduct an ACH Risk Assessment
  • Update policies, processes, procedures and agreements

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To learn more about these new ACH Rules changes, watch our quick, easy-to-understand Did You Know video available on YouTube, LinkedIn and Feel free to share it forward to clients and staff members.

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Compliance Resources for Third-Party Senders

EPCOR Has the Resources to Help You Meet the New Requirements of the Third-Party Sender Rules Changes

Third-Party Sender ACH Audit Service & Risk Assessment Services

Leverage our payments experts to meet your requirements to conduct an annual ACH Audit or periodic Risk Assessment and gain actionable insight into compliance, efficiency, risk management and more.

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Customizable Third-Party Consulting Services

Enlist our payments experts for help with understanding your compliance requirements, enhancing your risk management program, increasing efficiencies and more.

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Third-Party Sender ACH Audit & Risk Assessment Workbooks

If you prefer to conduct your own ACH Audit and Risk Assessment, our helpful workbooks will guide you through the process, document your level of compliance and provide a report of findings.

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EPCOR Membership for Third-Party Senders

Consider becoming an EPCOR member for ongoing assistance with payments compliance covering all payments channels – not just ACH! Membership includes Members-only pricing for services, access to EPCOR Industry Update webinars, a private Knowledge Community, our toll-free helpline for answers to ongoing payments questions and more!

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Are You a Third-Party Sender with Nested Third-Party Relationships?

See the ODFI Resources section of this page for resources to help ensure your clients are aware of new rules and maintain compliance.

Compliance Resources for ODFIs

Third-Party Sender Communication Toolkit

Inform your Third-Party Senders on new ACH Rules and compliance responsibilities and the resources available to them by downloading our toolkit in the EPCOR Knowledge Community. Toolkit includes:

  • Newsletter article
  • Sample letter/email copy
  • Ad for website/social media
  • Sample social media messaging

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Sample Agreements and Tools for ODFIs

As you work to update your agreements, policies and procedures to comply with the new rules, consider our fillable/customizable sample documents available for individual purchase or as part of your Electronic Resources License subscription.

Customizable Consulting Services for ODFIs

Enlist our payments experts for help with understanding your compliance requirements, identifying Third-Party Sender and Nested Third-Party Sender relationships, building out your Third-Party Sender program, enhancing risk management program and more.

ODFIs – Don’t forget to register Nested Third-Party Sender relationships in Nacha’s Risk Management Portal.

Watch our Did You Know video to learn more.

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