Meet Our Keynote Speaker Lee Wetherington

EPCOR Payments Conference 2020 - Virtual Edition is less than one month away! Today, we’re getting to know our keynote speaker, Lee Wetherington of Jack Henry & Associates.

At Jack Henry & Associates, Lee serves as the Director of Strategic Insight and oversees the development of strategy and actionable insight for the financial services industry at large. To this end, Lee creates presentations and writes articles designed to orient and educate financial executives on the trends and implications of emerging technologies. Additionally, Lee delivers keynotes nationwide focusing on opportunities and challenges in FinTech, payments and digital banking.

While Lee has participated in our conference before, it has been some time. In fact, the association was still Mid-America Payments Exchange (MPX) the last time Lee joined us! He shared, “I go way back with Wendy Wishon and Ann-Marie Bartels. I have a lot of friends in payments, so EPCOR conferences are like a homecoming for me.”

When asked what Lee will be covering during his session and why is it important for attendees to hear, he explained: “As we approach universal real-time payments, we tend to focus exclusively on fighting fraud in real-time. Fewer are thinking strategically about how to serve and support people on both ends of faster payments. Real-time payments must be supported in real-time by real people in context (digitally) at the moment of need. The advent of full-service digital makes this possible and gives community financial institutions a way to differentiate themselves meaningfully where it matters most to consumers and businesses. This is an exciting time, and I look forward to sharing that excitement with everyone.”

If Lee could share one tip with payments professionals, it would be to never forget that money is a psychological construct; it doesn’t exist without our collective trust. He says, “Money is also emotional, mostly stressful and therefore creates unlimited opportunity for payments professionals to bring security and peace of mind to consumers and businesses alike. Payments are not just about rules and settlement timeframes; they’re really about making meaningful connections between real people. We should never lose sight of that.”

On a personal level, Lee is married to his wife Hannah and together they have two college-aged sons, Ethan and Liam. Lee is very interested in words and their histories, and says our language is a story of stories. He also loves music in all forms. And, when asked what advice he would give to his younger self, he said “Presence matters. You don’t need to be on the road all the time. It shouldn’t take a pandemic to teach you that.”

Stay tuned to News You Can Use and the Knowledge Community for even more conference speaker interviews and be sure to check out Lee’s session, Strategy for the Next Abnormal: Shifts and Tipping Points Shaping Payments in the Post-Pandemic Era, at EPCOR Payments Conference – Virtual Edition coming up on October 27-28. Check out our agenda or register today!