EPCOR Payments Conference: Meet Diana Kern

EPCOR Payments Conference – Fall 2021 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait! In anticipation of our conference, we reached out to some of our speakers so that you can learn more about their professional background and get to know them personally. Today, you get to meet Diana Kern, AAP, Client Learning Strategist of SHAZAM.

Diana has worked in the payments industry, specifically at SHAZAM, for over 26 years. A veteran financial services trainer, Diana is well respected for her vast knowledge of the payments industry. With that experience comes the ability to understand a financial institution’s inner workings and train staff on products and services related to the card payments system, the ACH network and EFT compliance. She shared, “Frankly, electronic payments interest me—the industry’s evolution and where we’re going is exciting. I have a passion for the topic.”

A returning speaker at EPCOR Payments Conference, we asked Diana why she’s looking forward to participating again and she explained: “One thing I consistently hear from financial institutions who aren’t SHAZAM clients is there’s a void of information coming from their processor. That includes the nuts and bolts of card payments, relevant rules from the global brands, fraud trends and much more. I try to fill that void and alleviate some of the pain points. For example, card disputes are tricky. I can’t tell an issuer what to do, but I can talk them through the process, enabling them to make the best possible decision for their organization.”

Having so much experience in the industry, we were eager to hear if Diana had any advice for payments professionals. She shared, “Too often we only make enough room in our workday, and in our brains, for the tasks we must accomplish that day. That’s job-related tunnel vision. Set aside some time, put it on your schedule, and get out of the tunnel. Google a payments-related topic and read some recent online articles. Subscribe to an industry newsletter. Find a peer at a financial institution you don’t directly compete with (ask me, I’ll help!). Okay, that’s more than one tip, but they’re all related, right? Very quickly you’ll start to view your daily tasks a bit differently.”

Outside of work, Diana is married and has two children. Her daughter is a senior at Iowa State University and her son is a senior in high school. And, if Diana could give her younger self one piece of advice, it would be “You have your whole future to work full-time. See what the world has to offer, both literally and figuratively, before you tie yourself down with responsibilities.” Diana says she tells both of her children that piece of advice now.

Don’t miss Diana, or all the other knowledgeable speakers, at this year’s EPCOR Payments Conference – Fall 2021, happening October 25 – 27 in Overland Park, KS. Visit our conference website to view the full conference line up and register now! If you’ll be traveling, please note that our conference sleeping room block rate expires on September 24.