Ask Hoot-E: Virtual Compfraudulation Symposium

Amy Donaghue

By: Hoot-E with help from Karen Nearing, AAP, APRP, CAMS, CRCM, NCP, Senior Director, Compliance Education

Dear Hoot-E: I have a few questions about the Virtual Compfraudulation Symposium. Can you give me the scoop?

Absolutely! Our EPCOR flock is hard at work preparing for this year’s Virtual Compfraudulation Symposium, happening October 7! This event is one of the newest additions to our education roster, so here are some frequently asked questions regarding the event.

Why should I attend, or why should I send my employee to attend, the Virtual Compfraudulation Symposium?

To tell you why you should attend or why your employee should attend, we must first explain what Compfraudulation means. This event consists of compliance, fraud and regulation sessions all wrapped up into one event. Compliance + Fraud + Regulation = Compfraudulation! Though the original plan for our Compfraudulation Symposium was to have one-day events in multiple locations through the EPCOR footprint, the pandemic has once again pushed us to change gears to a virtual format. Though we miss the in-person experience as much as you do, this has opened the doors for many organizations to not only attend the live event but also share the recordings with additional staff.

What can I expect for the 2021 event?

FOUR unique topics in FOUR hours!

  • Check Indorsements in an Image World – Are proper check indorsements crucial in todays’ image environment? You bet they are! Learn the various types of indorsements and which entity may be left holding the bag when there is an issue.
  • Regulations and Rules Updates – Updates on regulatory changes including a review of the 2021 ACH Rules changes, a sneak peek at 2022 changes and what regulatory changes we can expect to see.
  • Financial Fraud – Fraudsters are exploiting funds from innocent victims and using innocent victims to help facilitate the fraud. During this session, we will talk about the latest scams and other current events.
  • Authentication in Payment Applications – During this session, we will take a look at the most common payment applications your account holders are using, determine the authentication techniques and dive into the terms and conditions of those apps.

Are continuing education credits (CECs) available for this event?

You bet! This event offers 4 AAP/APRP credits and 1 NCP credit.

If you have any additional questions about the Virtual Compfraudulation Symposium, please reach out to Member Support via phone (800.500.0100), email (memserve@epcor.org) or website chat (epcor.org). Or, if you’re as excited about this event as we are, register now! We hope to see you there.