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Board of Directors Chairman Spotlight:
Greg Nickle

greg nickle

Prior to becoming Chairman of EPCOR’s Board of Directors, Greg Nickle served on the Board for six years. During his six years of service, he has served as Treasurer and chaired the Conference Committee. “It has been very rewarding to participate in the continued growth and development of EPCOR,” he shared.

Nickle is currently the Director of Bank Operations for Commerce Bank, where he leads a team of almost 400 operations professionals. Commerce Bank is a $25 billion full service bank with branches in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Colorado and Oklahoma. Nickle is responsible for Deposit Operations, Capital Market Operations and Trust Operations. He explained, “In the Deposit Operations space, my teams have responsibility for our ACH, Check and Domestic/International Wire payment processing as well as exception processing, adjustments, returns and customer service activities.”

When asked about his thoughts and hopes on where the association currently is and where he sees it heading during his tenure, Nickle expounded, “This is a very exciting time in the payments industry. Payments are experiencing rapid and continuous change, greater than at any time in my 34-year career. EPCOR, by virtue of our market presence and the staff expertise, is in a position of great strength to add value to our membership during this time of change.” He went on to say, “EPCOR will need to continue to evolve and change to meet the industry challenges and opportunities while always looking for new and better ways to serve our members. I am very excited to help the organization navigate this turbulent environment so that we can maximize our value to the membership.”

Professionally, Nickle is passionate about continuous improvement – both in terms of the quality and cost of the services we provide to our members and in terms of our staff development efforts to generate those membership improvements. Personally, he is focused on his wife, Brenda, and 3 kids, Kate, Emily and Andrew. He is also a huge supporter of Liverpool Football Club in the EPL – English soccer.