Three Reasons Our Prep Program is in a League of Its Own

Amy Donaghue

By: Shelly Sipple, AAP, APRP, NCP, Senior Director, Certifications & Continuing Education

EPCOR’s Payments Education Team is ready and waiting to help you prepare for the 2021 AAP exam. While I could give you many reasons to consider registering for the AAP Prep Program, I won’t. Instead, I’ll share with you the top three reasons past MVPs recommend this program.

  1. Variety of training methods and study materials – Everyone benefits from a program that takes individual learning styles into consideration and utilizes training materials that are readily and easily accessible. In fact, several participants have shared their appreciation for the “variety of training methods” used during the course, including lecture (via webinars and in-person), class discussions (through email, webinar chat, Knowledge Community and in-person), hands-on exercises and on-demand activities, assigned readings as well as online quizzes and computerized practice tests. Others were impressed by the sheer amount and variety of study materials available throughout the entire program. One member stated that “the course covered a lot; got to the main points and made the appropriate connections.”
  2. Supportive instructors – EPCOR’s Education Team is passionate about teaching and guiding potential AAPs. Many students noted in evaluations that their instructors were an important reason for taking the course. Several observed a “personal interest by the instructors” and felt “that there was always someone there to answer questions, give helpful tips and offer words of encouragement.” One participant summed it up best by saying that “access to a staff mentor was very helpful; without them, it would have been hard to pass the exam!”
  3. Structured study plan – We frequently hear that participants appreciate how “well structured” the curriculum was and how it helped them to “stay on course” as they navigated through the 4-month program. Developing a study plan and sticking to it can be difficult. For that reason, EPCOR has designed a class syllabus that (1) breaks down complex concepts into manageable pieces of information, which helps a student learn the material more easily, and (2) provides a study schedule that is not only practical but flexible.

Many of our students are surprised at how much they sincerely enjoy the AAP Prep Program. Through all the hard work and studying we still always manage to have a lot of fun, build new friendships and form great memories along the way. The AAP Prep Program kicks off May 7. If you’re unsure if this program is right for you, check out our So You Think You Want to Be an AAP video. Or, if this program sounds right for you, register today!