Roll Out the Red Carpet for Payment Systems Update

Amy Donaghue

By: Jen Kirk, AAP, Vice President, Education

Roll out the red carpet! Payment Systems Update is premiering VIRTUALLY in 2021, and it’s gonna be FUN! Just like the first time you logged into Netflix, there are some learning curves to this new programming model! Here’s everything you need to know about how “streaming” this member-favorite learning event will work this year.


There are more than 10 new ACH Rules effective in 2021! We will cover ALL of them in Payment Systems Update.


  1. Payment Systems Update has been contracted for THREE Seasons!
    • Season 1 will take place from February 15-March 12
    • Season 2 will take place from April 6-30
    • Season 3 will take place from June 1-25
  2. When you register for Payment Systems Update, you will choose THREE DATES. The $249 member registration fee gets you THREE live, unique Seasons (AKA webinars). Each Season will be repeated LIVE every weekday (sometimes even more than one time per day) so you can easily find a date and time that works for you. Each day will provide the same important updates on payment-related issues you have grown to expect from EPCOR, but each will have a different ‘flare’ depending on who the on-air personality (trainer) is that day.
  3. Each Season (webinar) will include 3 episodes (topics), which will be presented during the 2-hour webinars of your choice as outlined below.

Season 1 (Webinar of your choice February 16-March 12)
During this 2-hour webinar, we will cover all things ACH. We will cover WEB account validation rules, new ACH enforcement Rules, new Unauthorized Entry Fees and expanding Same Day ACH rules.

  • Payments Law and Order – Put your detective skills into action. During this interactive section, EPCOR trainers will ask you to play judge on what account validation methods are compliant with the new WEB account validation rules, effective March 19, 2021.
  • EPCOR Daily News – EPCOR trainers will be anchoring the hottest news stories in the industry right now! ACH Enforcement Rules against egregious ACH transactions and new Unauthorized ACH Entry Fees are just a few of the highlights coming to you during this Breaking News Update.
  • Same Day ACH Infomercial – Same Day ACH made its debut back in 2016 and enhancements have been made every year since then. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Same Day ACH is adding processing windows, settlement times, funds availability for consumers and EPCOR trainers want to make sure you are informed!

Season 2 (2-hour webinar of your choice April 6-30)
Fraud is the word of the day in Season 2. EPCOR trainers will update you on ACH Rules changes to help prevent fraud, lead a discussion about current fraud trends and provide details about a new solution EPCOR is offering its members to be alerted of fraud.

  • 50 Minutes – Take a dive into Supplementing Data Security Requirements (rendering ACH information unreadable for large Originators), Reversals and Limitations on Warranty Claims.
  • Fraud Talk! – What fraud trends are you seeing? This fan-favorite will allow trainers to host a talk show to allow the audience to share what they have been seeing in the crazy world of fraud.
  • Fraud Alert Service Informercial – You have fraud? We have solutions! In 2020, EPCOR acquired the Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association and its fraud alert service. In 2021, EPCOR is introducing the services to our members outside of Oklahoma, and we are excited to give you a demonstration you don’t want to miss.

Season 3 (2-hour webinar of your choice June 1-25)
More ACH Rules updates? That’s right! Nacha is implementing several new ACH Rules effective September 17, in what they call “Meaningful ACH Modernization.” EPCOR trainers will walk you through the new ACH Rules associated with creating Meaningful Modernization in a fun and interactive way that will have you prepared for all the changes coming your way!

  • As the ACH World Turns – Does it ever feel like new rules are a live soap opera? In 2021, Nacha is working to facilitate the adoption of new technologies and channels for the authorization and initiate of ACH payments and reduce barriers to the use of ACH. What can go wrong?
  • EPCOR Daily News – Updates, updates and more updates! Don’t miss out on top payments-related news stories of 2021 and beyond!
  • Whooo’s Smarter than Hoot-E? – Turn what you have learned in Payment Systems Update Seasons 1, 2 and 3 into a chance to WIN! Participate in EPCOR’s new game show – Whooo’s Smarter than Hoot-E, where audience members will get a chance to test their knowledge of what they have learned in Payment Systems Update 2021.

We know this is a new way of participating in Payment Systems Update, so we want to make you feel more at ease! Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions.


Do I get a discount if I only want to view one Season?

No. Payments Systems Update is $249 for the entire subscription. If you can’t attend a specific Season or register after a Season has ended, re-runs (recordings) will be provided at the end of each Season.

Can we have a viewing party at our organization for Payment Systems Update?

Yes, but subscription pricing is per device. If you can gather as a group to view each Season on one device, the more the merrier. But, if you can’t get in the same room at the same time, you will need to purchase more than one subscription.

Can a different person view each individual Season?

Yes, but again, pricing is per device. For example, let’s say Suzy registers XYZ Bank for Payment Systems Update. She will get three confirmation codes – one for Series 1, one for Series 2 and one for Series 3. If Suzy logs into Series 1, nobody else from Bank XYZ can use that login code for Series 1. For Series 2, Suzy forwards the email confirmation to Bruce. When Bruce logs into Series 2, he will be the only one allowed to use that code. If Suzy tries to log in as well (from a 2nd device), it will tell her she needs to ‘disable’ her other device (the one that Bruce is using).

What if my organization blocks my access to Zoom?

You will definitely get the best user-experience if you are participating live viewing Payment Systems Update presentation on Zoom. You can access the live sessions via computer or mobile device. Many of the sessions will include live videos, so we encourage you to either work with your IT department to allow access or participate from a personal device. If you absolutely cannot log into the web portion of the sessions, you can listen to the audio/only portion using the dial-in information in your confirmation.

Do I have to participate on video?

Trainers will be live on video, but participants will not be required (or even able) to share their cameras during the broadcast. You will only be able to view the episodes and participate in the show via electronic chat and polling.

Is EPCOR offering Payment Systems Update in-person in 2021?

No. At this point, state and local recommendations prohibit us from gathering in large groups in much of our footprint. We do have other in-person classes scheduled later in 2021, like EPCOR Payments University and EPCOR Payments Conference. Your safety is key, and we hope to see you again in-person in the very near future!