EPCOR Members Give Season One a Rotten Tomatoes Rating

2021 Payment Systems Update is in full swing and our trainers still have so much knowledge to share! Recently, three of our members reviewed our first season and sat down with Hoot-E to give their honest feedback. EPCOR members Nancy Dolan of Parkside Financial Bank & Trust, Jill Herr of Old National Bank and Stephanie Martin of First Security Bank had this to say:

What was one update you learned by listening to the Payment Systems Update rehearsal?

  • “There are actually two phases to the “web – large originator data security.” – Nancy Dolan
  • “Of course, I learned about the upcoming Rules changes, but I also learned how dynamic the EPCOR team is! This is not your ordinary virtual event!” – Jill Herr
  • “There are so many things I learned from the dress rehearsal. The #1 thing I can remember distinctively is that the new ACH Rule on enforcing egregious violations took effect on 1/1/2021.” – Stephanie Martin

What was your favorite part about Payment Systems Update Season 1?

  • “My favorite discussion was ALL of them! Working in the payments industry, it’s best to keep current with all additions/changes. There’s always something new and interesting to learn about.” – Nancy Dolan
  • “I really enjoy the new, virtual format. I like switching gears, so to speak, between topics. I think it definitely helps to keep the listener’s attention and encourages you to think about things in different ways.” –Jill Herr
  • “Payments Law & Order!” – Stephanie Martin

Why would you recommend someone attend Payment Systems Update?

  • “It’s a great event to learn about all upcoming changes in the payments world. It’s a one-stop shop!” – Nancy Dolan
  • “Not only will you gain a better understanding of the upcoming Rules changes, but you will have fun doing it!” – Jill Herr
  • “There is so much knowledge you get from attending Payment Systems Update, I have never not had something come up that I didn’t take back to the office. You also get AAP and APRP credits.” – Stephanie Martin

How is this event different than virtual events you have attended in the past?

  • “This virtual event differs in that it utilizes several different methods of communicating information. It isn’t monotonous like some other virtual events I’ve attended. I don’t want to give away too much, but it is interactive and definitely different from what a returning Payment Systems Update participant will expect!” – Jill Herr
  • “It was very entertaining, I never got bored or distracted from what was happening on screen.” – Stephanie Martin

What rating would you give Payment Systems Update on a scale of 1 to 10 and why?

  • “10! EPCOR always does a great job keeping financial institutions informed of all new changes within payments.” – Nancy Dolan
  • “I would rate the 2021 Payment Systems Update Season 1 a 10/10! It is by far one of the best virtual events I’ve experienced over the last year!” – Jill Herr
  • “10. Tons of knowledge to learn and take back to the office. Lots of fun and entertainment! EPCOR trainers always do a great job presenting.” – Stephanie Martin

As you can see, Payment Systems Update is full of all the important information you expect from this People’s Choice event, with a fun virtual twist! If you’re still on the fence about joining us, check out our trailer or take our 90s throwback themed quiz. Or, if you’re a little confused on how this year’s virtual event will work, our FAQ article will hopefully provide the answers you’re looking for! As always, our Member Support team is always available to assist you via phone (800.500.0100), email (memserve@epcor.org) or through chat on our website (epcor.org). But hurry, Season 1 leaves Zoom SOON, so subscribe today!