Camper Confirms ACH Virtual Day Camp is a HOOT!

ACH Virtual Day Camp is in full swing and our members and trainers have had a blast so far! Our next session kicks off on March 18th, with camps being held throughout the year. Recently, Hoot-E sat down with EPCOR member Misty Kirkley of RCB Bank in Claremore, OK to get her feedback about the event. Here is what Misty had to say:

How much experience did you have going into ACH Virtual Day Camp and how do you think it helped you become acquainted with the ACH Network?

I had a reasonable amount of experience with ACH before going to camp since my position has been steered towards that area and prepping me for getting the AAP over the last few years. The training I had already received before camp gave me a head start in knowing the ACH Network.

What is one thing you learned/took away from ACH Virtual Day Camp?

The biggest thing that I took away from camp was to always be open to more learning and growth. Since this was an introductory camp for beginners, I went in thinking I may not get as much out of it. But, going through camp made me realize I was completely wrong. Not only did I find I needed a refresher on several things, I also learned new things. And, some areas were presented more clearly than they had been previously explained to me.

What was your favorite part about ACH Virtual Day Camp?

My favorite part of camp was the ability to interact with others and still be involved in discussions despite it being virtual. It was nice to still feel like part of a group with people in many different states.

How did our trainers keep you interested during the virtual event?

Huge shout out to all the trainers involved in making the ACH Virtual Day Camp such a success! Jennifer Kirk, who presented during the camp, was very personable, knowledgeable and engaging. She made things easy to understand with lots of real-life examples, which made it more interesting and easier to follow and retain the information. Despite camp being virtual, the trainers still tried to involve everyone in discussions and activities; without putting pressure on anyone to speak up. For me, that’s always a huge relief as some are not comfortable speaking in front of others. They had activities for us to complete that we were able to discuss together as a group. They also would pause and give us opportunities to ask questions after each section.

Would you recommend other payments newbies attend ACH Virtual Day Camp and why?

I definitely recommend ACH Virtual Day Camp to anyone new to ACH, working towards their AAP or anyone wanting to learn more about ACH in general. The information provided is made easy to understand and is very thorough, yet it’s not overwhelming. This class provides a very solid foundation for the world of ACH.

As you can see, ACH Virtual Day Camp should be a rite of passage for all professionals new to the ACH Network, who are considering becoming an AAP or those who may just want a refresher! Our accredited trainers will pass down important traditions, such as the history of ACH and teach campers the ropes of ACH basics including the technical aspects, ACH Rules, exception handling and risk management. There will be so much fun and interaction you'll swear you smell s'mores roasting on the campfire! Save your spot and register today!