Ask Mary: What’s Coming in 2021?!

Dear Mary, last year was so unpredictable and I’m ready for a fresh start… What does EPCOR have coming up this year?

While 2020 put a hold on so many things, we are excited to start this year off with many exciting plans, events and educational opportunities! While an entire list of our offerings and opportunities coming up this year would be a mile long, here are a few of our favorites you will want to have on your radar.

1. Events, events and MORE events!
We’re kicking 2021 off right with Payment Systems Update beginning next month, and many other events our calendar! Check out our website to get a full picture of what we have planned for this year. Despite the challenges of last year, we are proud that we were still able to provide successful payments education through engaging virtual learning events. We are excited to continue using some of the techniques and technology we picked up in 2020 as we provide education virtually and in person (when it is safe to do so). See an event you want to attend? Many of the events are already in the online store, so register now!

2. FREE Industry Updates!
Quarterly EPCOR Industry Updates are offered four times per year to discuss current payments issues affecting the industry; everything from upcoming regulatory changes to new payments technology. And, these updates qualify for continuing education credits as well! We also host Special Industry Updates as needed to garner industry input on requests for comment from regulatory bodies. EPCOR then shares feedback from our members forward with the inquiring agency. This means you can affect proposed changes to rules that impact your daily processing. And…. Did we mention they’re free?!

3. Did You Know About Our Did You Know Videos?!
Our quick, animated Did You Know videos explain a wide variety of payments topics in a quick, easy-to-understand format. Often only three to four minutes in length, these videos are perfect for passing information to your staff or even your account holders! We encourage you to share these videos, including posting them on your website and using them to educate your staff and business clients. Check out our latest Did You Know video on new standards for WEB debits available on both YouTube and our website.

4. Lean on the Payments Experts! We’re Here for You!
Want to check your annual ACH audit or risk assessment off the to-do list? Or, interested in our newly offered RDC and wire audits? We’ve got you covered. Need expert payments guidance customized to fit the unique challenges of your organization? We can do that, too! It is an industry best practice to call in an outside set of eyes periodically so why not call the payments experts? Whatever your organization needs our team of AAPs, APRPs, CPAs, CRCMs and a CPA are ready to assist! Reach out to us at audit@epcor.org or advisory@epcor.org to book your service today. And, if you have your service conducted in the first quarter of 2021, you’ll save up to 20%!

5. Payments Resources for Your Entire Staff!
If you’re on the lookout for cost-effective and convenient training options, you can ensure your entire staff has a solid foundation in payments rules and regulations with annual access to our Electronic Resources License. One flat fee of just $150-$500 (based on the number of employees at your organization) covers all employees, providing access to our entire on-demand training library and helpful publications and tools. Courses included in the License are perfect for new employees or anyone who needs a refresher and to meet annual training requirements such as Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) training, Regulation D and more. The License also includes suggested curriculums for everyone at your organization, from your frontline staff to your board of directors. And, you can also save on in-person and virtual learning events with the Education Club, allowing you to customize your savings, up to 20%, on EPCOR educational opportunities. Education Club points can be shared across your organization and points stretcher is available for added flexibility. And make sure your entire staff knows they can use the the Knowledge Community and our Member Support services, including our toll-free helpline (800.500.0100), email (memserve@epcor.org) and online chat (epcor.org).

As you can see, we have a busy (and fun) year ahead of us! Stay tuned to News You Can Use and the Knowledge Community for more updates throughout the year. Here’s to another year of facing payments challenges together!