Member Appreciation Month: Last Chance to Travel with Hoot-E!

Hi, EPCOR members! I have had a blast traveling to some of your hometowns and checking out some of the hidden gems within the EPCOR footprint! This week I visited Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I learned so much! How many of the following fun facts do you know?


  • The world’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City on July 16, 1935.
  • Vinita, Oklahoma was the first town in Oklahoma to have electricity.
  • Sylvan N. Goldman of Humpty Dumpty Stores and Standard Food Markets invented the first shopping cart which was unveiled in Oklahoma City on June 4, 1937.
  • Musician Bob Dunn, from Beggs, Oklahoma, invented the first electric guitar in 1935.
  • In Bartlesville, Oklahoma, it is illegal to own more than two adult cats.


  • The first Aquarium opened in Chicago in 1893.
  • The Sears Tower, Chicago is the tallest building on the North American continent.
  • Illinois was the first state to ratify the 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery in 1865.
  • Des Plaines is home to the first McDonald's.
  • The Illinois state dance is square dancing.


  • Quaker Oats, in Cedar Rapids, is the largest cereal company in the world.
  • Iowa is the only state name that starts with two vowels.
  • The National Balloon Museum in Indianola chronicles more than 200 years of ballooning history.
  • Pigs outnumber the human population in Iowa about 7-to-1.
  • Since 1900, the National Hobo Convention has taken place in Britt, Iowa. King and queens are voted on by a special counsel, and the winners then get their portraits immortalized in a painting.


  • The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776.
  • Indiana County is the Christmas tree capital of the world.
  • Hershey is considered the Chocolate Capital of the U.S.
  • The Rockville Bridge in Harrisburg is the longest stone arch bridge in the world.
  • Actor Jimmy Steward was born and raised in the town of Indiana. Each year at Christmas the downtown area is decorated in the theme of the film “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

West Virginia:

  • Nearly 75% of West Virginia is covered by forests.
  • According to the crime index for 1997, West Virginia had the lowest crime rate in the country.
  • The first electric railroad in the world, built as a commercial enterprise, was constructed between Huntington and Guyandotte.
  • William Tompkins used natural gas to evaporate salt brine in 1841, thus becoming the first person in the United States to use natural gas for industrial purposes.
  • Mrs. Minnie Buckingham Harper, a member of the House of Delegates by appointment in 1928, was the first African American woman to become a member of a legislative body in the United States.

Pigs outnumber humans in Iowa

Declaration of Independence signed in 1776

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Hello from Des Moins IA

Hello From Pickneyville, IL

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