Hoot-E Introduces Jennifer Kline

Here are the top five things Hoot-E wants you to know about Jennifer Kline AAP, APRP, NCP, Director, Audit Services:

Emily Hays

  1. Jennifer has built her nest in the small town of Syracuse, IN, close to her family. She shares, “Working remotely for EPCOR allows me the freedom to travel and be close to my loved ones.”
  2. Since Jennifer spends a lot of her time flying around the EPCOR footprint conducting audits and risk assessments, she does not have pets; however, she shares that she is a total dog person. Jennifer gushed, “I love to spend time with dogs and often dog-sit for family and friends. I’m currently helping to train a very rambunctious, ornery German short-haired pointer puppy named Max.”
  3. You could say Jennifer is a wise owl and a jack of all trades. In 2017, she became a yoga instructor. She prefers the style of gentle hatha yoga, and says "gentle yoga equally strengthens and stretches in an atmosphere free of competition and comparison."
  4. In addition to teaching yoga classes, Jennifer became certified to teach BarreAmped. The BarreAmped technique focuses mainly on small, isolated movements within deeply held and challenging postures based on dance and Pilates poses.
  5. Jennifer is also a lake bird. She lives on Syracuse Lake, which extends into Lake Wawasee – the largest natural lake in Indiana. She shares, “In the summer, I spend days on the lake, sunsets on the pier and attend Sunday mornings at Wawasee Boat-In worship.”