Hoot-E Introduces Jennifer Hays

Here are the top 5 things Hoot-E would like you to know about Jennifer Hays, Manager, Finance & Technology:

Emily Hays
  1. When asked what she does at EPCOR, Jennifer laughed that she does a little bit of everything. She explained, “For the finance side, I take care of the payments going out, expense reports, vendor charges etc. On the technology side, I help the EPCOR team navigate our technology resources, troubleshoot, etc. I am also responsible for the upkeep of our various systems.” We sure have a wise owl on our hands!
  2. Originally, Jennifer began her career at a bank. Commerce Bank to be specific. Then, in 2005, Jennifer moved to a Group Benefits insurance company before eventually joining our flock.
  3. When asked what she enjoys about working for EPCOR, Jennifer shared, “I love being able to support a team that helps our members so fantastically! I also love that EPCOR is an organization that encourages and supports our community involvement.”
  4. In her spare time, Jennifer loves to volunteer at her son’s elementary school and is a proud Room Parent! She and her husband, Robb, also coach/manage her son’s baseball team. Let’s go, Monarchs! Jennifer is also very passionate about crafting and baking.
  5. Family is very important to Jennifer. She has been married to Robb for 14 years and has two kiddos, Odin (6) and Tulsi (2). Her nest also consists of many pets, including two dogs, Vivi and Aries, and three fish.