Hoot-E Introduces Amanda Hale

Here are the top five things Hoot-E would like you to know about Amanda Hale, Finance & Administration Coordinator:

Emily Hays

  1. Amanda is another wise owl of EPCOR, dealing with numbers and the ins and outs behind the scene! She assists with accounts receivable, human resources, payroll and employee benefits.
  2. Before joining our flock, Amanda was not working in the payments world. She shared, “I come from 20+ years of property management.”
  3. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband, Alan. She explained, “My husband and I like to shop at thrift stores and antique stores. We also like to try new restaurants!”
  4. Amanda has been married to her husband, Alan, for seven years. Alan currently works as a police officer. Together, between the two of them, they have a full nest! Combined, the pair have three adult children. Bailey is 20 and is in college and working as a recruiter for a trucking company, Hailey is 21 works as a nurse and Clay is a 26-year-old electrical engineer. Clay has twin girls, Raegan and Emberly, with his wife, Maegan.
  5. Animals also roam the Hale household! Amanda and Alan have three pets. Two cats, Dexter and Katniss, and a rescue dog named Jesse.