Hanging Out with Dr. Harrison

Dr. Susan Harrison developed a love for speaking back in high school, but she didn't figure out how much her guidance could change lives until she began her speaking career. She says, “I began contracting with a speaking/training company and started seeing the difference I was making. I was hooked!”

Eventually, Susan created her own speaking company and focused on positivity, stress management and confidence. Even then, Susan’s desire to positively affect more people personally continued, so she began an online personal workshop called "In Confidence." Through this workshop, Susan and her team help women achieve their goals, gain more confidence and have better lives. Susan explained, “The workshop has been a success for many women in their personal and professional lives, which has been a thrill for me. My greatest love is still being in front of an audience, speaking and motivating them on how to have better work and home lives.”

Susan’s inspiration often comes from small things, such as the sheer joy she sees in someone's face when they achieve their goals or finally obtain something they've been wanting. She shares, “I'm inspired by people who are strong and have a desire to impact others around them. I am inspired when people take the time to care about the people often neglected by society. I'm inspired by the bank teller who is overworked and tired and yet still keeps a smile for me.”

Outside of her career, Susan is passionate about many things. However, the first which came to her mind was her animals! She loves her two cats and two dogs and wishes she could travel with them when she speaks. She laughed, “However, they'd be too demanding, especially Bella, my dog who cannot live without me, she thinks.”

Through her session, Effective Stress Management, as well as her workshop, Positive and Professional Communication Skills, at EPCOR Payments Conference – Fall 2019, Susan hopes attendees will understand the value of communication. She said, “If you are a good communicator, you are more likely to get things accomplished, people will be easier to work with and your ideas will be heard.” Susan also hopes that attendees understand their worth in their position. She went on to say, “I hope that they understand they are a valued part of the businesses they serve and very needed! And, that they are good enough and responsible for their own contentment.”

You won’t want to miss Dr. Susan Harrison next month and there’s still time to reserve your seat. Register online or reach out to Member Support at memserve@epcor.org or via phone at 800.500.0100. Also, if you’ve already registered and want to add Susan’s pre-conference workshop to your agenda, just let Member Support know!

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