Don’t Be An April Fool –

Get the Most Out Of Your Membership!

Dear Mary: All the offerings mentioned in your weekly newsletter make me realize I could be doing more with my EPCOR membership. Where do I start?

First and foremost, EPCOR membership is about providing you with timely and accurate information and education on payments-related topics. And, when we say “you,” we mean YOUR ENTIRE ORGANIZATION. You can add as many of your coworkers and staff members as you’d like to our database of contacts and every person can have access to every benefit we offer! If you have other people in your organization that don’t know about EPCOR and what we can do for them, please be sure to pass on this information!

Here are 10 ways EPCOR provides payments expertise and support to our members:

  1. Instant access to a pool of payments experts through our toll-free members-only hotline, 800.500.0100, via email at memserve@epcor.org or via live chat at epcor.org.
  2. Timely, relevant education via regional conferences, webinars (including FREE Special Industry Update and Quarterly Industry Update webinars), in-person seminars and on-demand courses.
  3. Access to our members-only Knowledge Community. Here, you will find resources, can ask questions in our discussion forums, read blogs, chat with other payments professionals and more.
  4. Our social media pages (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), Did You Know videos, podcasts, helpful publications and tools and so much more!
  5. Opportunities to save on top of already discounted member pricing with our Education Club and Electronic Resources License.
  6. Access to Advisory Services that include on-site ACH Rules Compliance Audits, ACH Risk Assessments, RDC Risk Assessments and more.
  7. Third-Party ACH Consulting Services to identify and manage your Third-Party relationships as well as Third Party Sender Audit services. You can also attend one of our many Navigating Your 2019 ACH Audit seminars.
  8. Industry representation means that EPCOR is your voice at the national level, influencing new payment applications, payment systems policies and rules and risk management practices.
  9. Important communication that keeps you abreast of significant events impacting the payment systems – a weekly e-newsletter, an information-packed website, an online networking community, bulletins, fraud alerts and a quarterly printed newsletter, to name a few.
  10. A free copy of the NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines and ACH Quick Reference Guide with your membership renewal annually.

Believe it or not, the benefits listed here are only a portion of what is available to your organization as an EPCOR member. Check out our 2019 Hoot-E’s Member Benefits Guide to ensure you are making the most of your EPCOR membership. If you have questions regarding any of the benefits listed here or in Hoot-E’s Guide, please let us know by reaching out to us at 800.500.0100 or at memserve@epcor.org.