It's Our 10th Year to be Thankful for YOOOU!

It’s been ten years since our first Thanksgiving as one huge family, and so much has happened in the last decade. But one thing has remained the same – our gratitude for you, our members. And, although we could name a million or more, here are some of our top reasons that you are what we’re most thankful for!

1. You Keep Us on Our Toes. Your questions challenge us and keep our jobs interesting!

2. You Work Hard. Year after year you step up to the plate to tackle the latest payments industry challenges and meet amazing goals such as becoming an AAP, APRP or NCP.

3. You Play Hard. You work hard, but you also play hard - which is a value we have in common! The proof is in the picture!

4. The Hunger You Have for Education is Uplifting. We appreciate that you’re always wanting more and that you chose us to be your educational outlet.

5. All the Support You Give One Another is Crucial. You’re always willing to share your knowledge, experiences and advice at our events and on the Knowledge Community!

6. You Give Us a Purpose. You work tirelessly for the good of those you serve. And that’s a cause we can get behind - so thank you!

From all of us here at EPCOR, Happy Thanksgiving! We are so, SO thankful for you and all that you do. Thank you for a decade of being thankful for YOU.