Hoot-E Introduces Shirley James

Here are the top 5 things Hoot-E wants you to know about Shirley James, AAP, CMP, Director, Conferences & Events.

Tricia and her Granddaughter

  1. Shirley didn’t start out nesting in the payments world. She explained, “Straight out of college, I worked for Macy’s in the buying department of what are now nearly obsolete items: calculators, 35 mm cameras and electric typewriters. I then worked in the health club industry and later at Russell Stover Candies as a buyer before I came to MPX, now EPCOR.”
  2. Currently, Shirley serves as EPCOR’s Director, Conferences & Events. She has been flying with us for a long, long time and recently accepted an award for over 20 years of service! When asked what she really does for EPCOR Shirley shared, “Besides plan and execute a variety of meetings and events while managing the budgets, I also find time to spread humor and laughter to my colleagues. It’s a tough room to work but someone’s gotta do it.” She’s a real HOOT!
  3. EPCOR members are one of Shirley’s favorite aspects of the job! She is also a wise owl and really enjoys the numbers she’s in charge of such as budgets, goals, etc.
  4. Currently, Shirley is the mom of one dog and 3 or 4 cats, depending on the day. She reflected, “Cats are very good at finding and adopting me, as it turns out.”
  5. Outside of work, Shirley enjoys spending time with her sisters, nieces & nephews, and now their children. Shirley shared, “I also can operate home improvement tools (sawzall, circular saw or chainsaw anyone?) and tackle small home improvement projects. I guess this means I like to cut things up!”

Hello! Are you wondering whooo I am?

My name is Hoot-E and I have I have been chosen to represent EPCOR because owls are a symbol of wisdom and providing you with the knowledge, resources and support necessary to succeed in the ever-changing payments industry is our number one goal. I am honored to be selected as your guide through the forest of payments changes, rules and regulations as you continue to look toward EPCOR as your go-to source for payments expertise.