EPCOR Committees Call for Nominations

Our mission to provide you with the knowledge, support and industry representation necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving electronic payments business cannot be achieved without help from members like you.

Influence the direction of EPCOR and ensure our programs and services meet member needs and address the challenges that impact member organizations like yours by serving on an EPCOR Committee. Nominations are due December 28.

The purpose statement for each committee is listed below. Committees meet via conference call. All committee members also receive a free webinar with the exception of Conference Committee members who receive a free conference registration.

Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged! If you have any questions, please reach out to our member support team a memserve@epcor.org or 800.500.0100. Submit your nomination now!

Conference Committee
The EPCOR Conference Committee provides direction and support in the development of the curriculum for EPCOR’s annual conferences. The committee identifies topics and speakers, as well as encourages speaker, exhibitor, sponsor and attendee participation. The overarching goal of the committee is to assure that EPCOR’s conferences are relevant and beneficial to the membership. The Conference Committee is chaired by the Vice Chair of the EPCOR Board of Directors and includes 12 to 15 members with varied responsibilities and expertise.

Payments Committee
The EPCOR Payments Committee identifies and provides input to the Board of Directors and staff regarding payments trends, critical issues and significant legislative, regulatory and rules proposals that impact financial institution and payments industry participants. The committee recommends votes on NACHA Operating Rules and actions related to other matters, which may include recommending EPCOR programs and services and/or working with staff to draft comment letters to the Federal Reserve Banks, legislators, regulators and NACHA. The Payments Committee is chaired by an EPCOR Director and is comprised of 15 to 18 senior executives of member DFIs and affiliated organizations actively engaged in payments and payments strategy.

Cash & Treasury Management Committee
The EPCOR Cash & Treasury Management Committee provides guidance and support to EPCOR by identifying emerging issues and relevant topics impacting ODFIs, their Originators and Third-Party Senders; and recommending education programs and tools that are relevant and appropriate to assist ODFIs in educating and managing their customers. The Cash & Treasury Management Committee is comprised of 12 to 15 members representing ODFIs, Originators and Vendors engaged in cash and treasury management functions or related services.

Education Committee
The EPCOR Education Committee provides guidance, direction and support regarding the association’s offerings to ensure that EPCOR seminars, webinars, on-demand education, certification programs and publications are relevant and appropriate to the needs of the members. The committee also reviews and assesses scholarship applications. The Education Committee is comprised of 15 to18 DFI, Affiliate and Associate members with an AAP, APRP or NCP certification.

Payments Compliance & Risk Committee
The EPCOR Payments Compliance & Risk Committee identifies current and evolving compliance and risk issues impacting financial institutions and businesses; and provides guidance and support to EPCOR regarding programs and services that will aid members in addressing compliance and risk concerns. The committee is comprised of 12 to 15 payments professionals with responsibility for maintaining compliance and managing and mitigating risk within their organizations.

Third-Party Sender/ODFI Roundtable
The EPCOR Third-Party Sender/ODFI Roundtable provides a forum for these payments stakeholders to collaborate on issues important to third-party payments processing, discuss best practices and voice industry concerns in a friendly, safe environment. The committee is also responsible for recommending programs and services to EPCOR that will aid ODFIs and third-parties in complying with relevant rules and regulations. The Third-Party Sender/ODFI Roundtable is open to members interested in participating in an ongoing dialogue related third-party issues.