Meet The Payments Professor, Kevin Olsen

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EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring 2022 is just around the corner, and we’re so excited to be back in person! In anticipation of our conference, we reached out to some of our speakers so you can learn more about their professional backgrounds and get to know them personally. Today, you get to meet our conference emcee Kevin Olsen, AAP, APRP, NCP, CHPC, MSCE of VSoft Corporation.

Kevin Olsen Headshot Kevin Olsen serves as the Curator of Creativity for the Payments Professor where he is responsible for creating payments-related content that is engaging, entertaining and fun. The Payments Professor produces content in short video format that allows end-users to watch at their pace and to focus on singular subjects. He explained, "I won’t say we don’t read the slides to you, but when we do it’s in a radio announcer voice! I take this joy of payments and knowledge to add pizzazz and flair to payments education.”

When it comes to having fun as an emcee, Kevin has one question for you – "How did the hacker escape from the police? Well, you will have to attend to find out, as this and other bad (or is it Dad?) payments jokes will be tactfully inserted throughout the conference. Need a pick me up? Need that boost of energy? Well, the Payments Professor will be there for you.”

In addition to his emcee duties, Kevin will also be moderating a session called LMK Why People are Using Payment Apps… and other FAQs. Over the years, conference attendees have raved about EPCOR’s consumer panels, including Millennials Banking Preferences and Difference in Generational Banking Preferences. And this new discussion panel will be one you don’t want to miss! This will be your chance to ask average Joes and Janes why they choose to use payment apps and how they choose which one to use. It’s like a live focus group for the audience to ask the burning questions they want to know about consumers using their phone to make payments… With a little Kevin flair, of course!

If Kevin could share one tip with payments professionals, it would be to always look to the future of what is coming and prepare yourself. He explained, "Just a couple of years ago, many said that faster payments would never work or come to the U.S., even though it was happening around the world, domestically in the private sector and there were several workgroups being formed. It wasn’t the first time in payments history that something that was originally doomed to fail suddenly became an overnight success. When you prepare for what is coming next you solidify your place, your job too, for today. Now, look at what those same people are saying about faster cross-border and central bank digital currencies!”

If Kevin could give his younger self a piece of advice it would be: "you’re going to regret the leaps in life that you were too afraid to take. And then, when you finally do take the leap, your heart will beat harder and louder than ever before, and you will feel more alive than ever before. Don’t be afraid to make changes, to take trips, to explore or to kiss the girl!”

The ETA for Faster Payments is NOW!!! Don’t miss Kevin, or all our other first-class speakers, as we fasten our seatbelts and prepare for landing at our final faster payments destination. Join us April 12-14 in Columbus, Ohio for EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring 2022! Visit our conference website to view the full conference lineup or register now.

Kevin is Your Favorite? We Totally Get It.

It’s easy to learn when you’re listening to someone who’s charismatic and so much fun! With that in mind, we’ve partnered with the Payments Professor to bring you new on-demand video faster payments curriculums including Real-Time Payments 101 (27 micro-course recordings and an RTP 101 Workbook), Real-Time Payments: Risk, Rules and Regulations (24 micro-course recordings and an RTP Risk, Rules and Regulations Workbook) and FedNow, Know Now (18 micro-course recordings). These curriculums will be available soon for purchase individually in the online store and will also be included in the Electronic Resources License providing an even more exceptional value! If you have any questions about the course or the Electronic Resources License reach out to Member Support.