Meet Dena Somers

EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring 2022 is NEXT MONTH and we’re so excited to see you in person again! In anticipation of our conference, we reached out to some of our speakers so you can learn more about their professional backgrounds and get to know them personally. Today, you get to meet Dena Somers, Esq. of Infused Banking.

Dena has been a regulatory compliance attorney and consultant in the financial services industry for 25 years. Additionally, she is a founding partner of Infused Banking. She shared, “We bring the cannabis and banking industries together through education, training, research and strategic advisement. We love our clients; we help industry participants navigate the challenges they face so they can be successful. I am the content architect of the Cannabis Banking Professional Certification (CBP) training program and focus primarily on providing regulatory compliance guidance to clients.”

This year’s conference will be Dena’s first time speaking at EPCOR Payments Conference. She is very excited to join us. In her words, “I’m honored to be invited to this exciting event and to get a deeper look into the future of payments. With all the new developments and rapid innovations, an event like this is essential to remain informed.”

You won’t want to miss Dena’s session, Risk Assessment and Due Diligence for Cannabis Banking. When it comes to cannabis, Dena says “it’s a booming industry and very likely to become the most lucrative and thriving industrial sector in the world. It’s exciting; it’s dynamic and its hyperbolic growth comes with extraordinary opportunities for the financial industry.”

If your organization is struggling with how to onboard new cannabis banking clients, then this one’s for you! Measuring risk for cannabis related businesses can be particularly challenging for banks and credit unions entering this vibrant and innovative space. This session offers practical insights and guidance on developing a compliant and effective cannabis banking program, with a focus on the risk assessment, onboarding, due diligence and monitoring. Have questions? Bring them!

If Dena could share one tip with payments professionals, it would be: “Stay on top of emerging trends and new market entrants across the globe and consider how they may shape this rapidly evolving and dynamic market.”

On a personal level, Dena’s main source of happiness is her family. She shared, “I'm so incredibly proud of my three sons. They are so awesome! Mitchell is in his fourth year of Engineering at James Madison University. He's all about fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and solid mechanics! My middle son, Ian, is studying Finance at Penn State. He's also starting flanker for their rugby team and played at the World Rugby Cup in Dubai last December. My youngest, Dylan, will be a senior in high school this fall and he's smarter than all of us at math!”

Fasten your seatbelts, because the ETA for Faster Payments is NOW! Don’t miss Dena, or all our other first-class speakers, as we embark on our final descent to faster payments . Join us April 12-14 in Columbus, Ohio for EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring 2022! Visit our conference website to view the full conference lineup or register now. Can’t make it in Columbus? Join us October 3-5 for EPCOR Payments Conference - Fall 2022 in Branson, MO!