Faster Payments Council Launches Research Effort

faster payments council logoOver the past few weeks, the Faster Payments Council (FPC) has reviewed proposals for its first multi-year, proprietary thought leadership/research project and has selected Glenbrook Partners, a well-known payments strategy consulting firm, as its research partner.

Glenbrook is developing a three-year, multi-faceted industry study that consists of both qualitative and quantitative research. The quantitative component will ground our knowledge of how payments professionals view the issues and opportunities around faster payments and broadly gauge the evolution of attitudes and use case applications over the next three years. The qualitative component will offer a set of targeted executive interviews that are designed to enrich the industry dialogue on different aspects of the evolution of faster payments in the U.S.

With this effort, The FPC will have original research to share with its members and an executive summary to set the stage for the industry-at-large. Most importantly, this research will ensure the FPC and its members remain on top of trends over time, identifying new or unique opportunities as they emerge and become the definitive source for the most current and comprehensive data on faster payments in the U.S.

Things are moving quickly, and the FPC has already kicked off efforts. The survey will be released in early September. The FPC and EPCOR ask for your support by completing it, as well as sharing it with peers, colleagues and/or members.

Please watch for additional communications on this effort, and thank you in advance for your survey responses!

Source: Faster Payments Council