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Check/RDC Quick Reference Cards

Additional Information:
This handy set of cards has been updated to combine the Check quick reference cards with the RDC quick reference cards and will assist staff at your institution when handling difficult exception items such as altered, counterfeit and forged checks. Keep need-to-know information at your fingertips, including: Check 21 expedited recredit provisions, exception holds, return reason codes, commonly used FRB adjustment information, RDC risk management tips, RDC duplicate resolution and how to handle an RDC Indemnity Claim. (2020)
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Debit Card Quick Reference Cards

Additional Information:
These cards are a "must-have" for your operations area. The set includes helpful information on Regulation E liability and timeframes, chargebacks, definitions and contacts. Various types of card fraud including skimming, identity theft, telemarketing fraud and phishing are explained. Two new cards have been added to include information on EMV and Mobile Wallets. These cards make a great training tool and have been updated to include new chargeback codes for 2019! (2020)

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Electronic APRP Flashcards

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You can now access our APRP flashcards virtually, making it easier to fit valuable study time into your busy schedule! No need to lug around bulky paper flashcards. Test and refine your knowledge anytime, anywhere you take your mobile device! This self-study tool includes six electronic flashcard "decks," each based on one of the six focus areas of the APRP exam. Choose to study one focus area at a time or all areas together. Enjoy all the features of traditional flashcards such as easily flipping through cards and tracking your progress but with additional functionality that allows you to rate your comfort level with topics and utilize spaced repetition to better reinforce your knowledge. Your electronic flashcard subscription provides you with six-months of full access to your study tool from any computer or mobile device. (2020) Purchase a printed copy of the flashcards along with the electronic version at a discount with our APRP Flashcard Bundle.

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