On-demand and lecture hall courses are temporarily unavailable.

We regret that our on-demand and lecture hall courses (Professor TOD) will not be available for use until January 5, 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience, please call 800.500.0100 with any questions.

In The News

  • Exciting New Things Coming This Spring We have some exciting changes in store for EPCOR Payments Conference – Spring 2015. Follow the link to learn more. Learn More >>
  • EPCOR Members Continue to Innovate Lead Bank, an EPCOR member institution located in Garden City, Missouri is providing a new personal digital banking service offering customers a wide array of mobile banking tools. Learn more about their innovative program. Learn More >>
  • Don't Be an Audit Slacker! The annual ACH Audit process can be challenging, and sometimes you might be tempted to just ignore the whole thing! EPCOR's Director of Audit Services sounds off on how important this process truly is.Learn More >>
  • 2015 ACH Rules Changes Summary Fourteen ACH Rules changes are effective in 2015. Learn more about these changes by reading the linked summary. Learn More >>

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