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Developing, implementing or expanding your payments business often requires outside guidance. Whether you are gearing up to launch a new application, want to identify ways to operate more efficiently or are looking for a second opinion, our payments experts will leverage their extensive knowledge to assist you in a professional and objective manner.

EPCOR's Advisory Services are designed to meet your institution's specific needs and goals. Our experienced Accredited ACH Professionals, National Check Professionals and risk/fraud specialists can provide guidance based on rules, regulations and real-life situations at a fraction of the cost of big-name consulting groups.

New! ACH Policies, Procedures and Agreements Review

EPCOR members have been inquiring about our services in this area for some time and we are proud to now offer our special assistance with the development, review and refinement of your ACH Policies, Procedures and Agreements. As with all of our Advisory Services this service is truly a build-your-own service. Select to have us review just your ACH Agreements, Policies or Procedures – or select all three. We will tailor our service to fit your organization’s request and provide you a price quote accordingly.

EPCOR Advisory Services are designed to be built around your needs. Listed below are just a few topics within our field of expertise:

  • Payments Strategy
  • Faster Payments and Emerging Payments Support
  • ACH Origination Support
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • New Product/Service Planning
  • Card Operations Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Policies and Procedures Development and Review
  • Remote Deposit Capture Support
  • Service Agreement Development and Review

What’s the cost?

Cost is based on service selected and estimated consulting time required. Complete this form to inquire about EPCOR Advisory Services and receive your complimentary quote

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