EPCOR Education Club


Save Up to 20% on Payments Education

Maximize your training budget and meet your educational goals by joining the newly revised EPCOR Education Club. Our points-based Education Club now gives you even greater flexibility while saving you up to 20% on EPCOR educational opportunities.

The Education Club is comprised of three levels, each with its own point value and associated discount. Virtually all EPCOR learning events have a corresponding point value which is outlined in the course descriptions. You can purchase points anytime throughout the year and use them toward EPCOR Payments Conferences, EPCOR Payments University, Payment Systems Update, Webinars, On-Demand Training and any other in-person seminar that may be added in the future.

Points Stretcher Option!

Existing Education Club members can purchase additional points as needed via our Points Stretcher option. Points can be purchased at $22.50 each (equates to a 10% discount) so no education points are left behind. To take advantage of the Points Stretcher existing club members can contact Member Support at 800.500.0100 or via email at memserve@epcor.org.

Need Ideas?

For examples of how to save with the EPCOR Education Club download the "How Ed Club Works" PDF for illustrations of how this great opportunity can benefit you.

"We send a few people to Payment Systems Update and the EPCOR Payments Conference each year, so we decided to try out the Education Club. We initially purchased one Gold Club, but quickly recognized the bargain and purchased a second one. We have saved about $1,000 by joining the club and have easily stayed within our budget. We'll definitely be participating again next year!"
—Bonnie Lawler, Boone County National Bank

  • Education Club Gold Member

    20% Discount
    80 Points
    Member: $1,600

  • Education Club Silver Member

    15% Discount
    40 Points
    Member: $850

  • Education Club Bronze Member

    10% Discount
    24 Points
    Member: $540


Points Guide

2017 Education Offerings Full Price
Points Bronze Club
24 Points
10% Discount
Silver Club 40 Points
15% Discount
Gold Club
80 Points
20% Discount
EPCOR Payments Conference $500.00 20 $450.00 $425.00 $400.00
Conference Workshops $100.00 4 $90.00 $85.00 $80.00
Payments System Update $200.00 8 $180.00 $170.00 $160.00
EPCOR Payments University $350.00 14 $315.00 $297.50 $280.00
Webinars $200.00 8 $180.00 $170.00 $160.00
On-Demand Courses $125.00 5 $112.50 $106.25 $100.00

Note: NACHA Teleseminars and Webinars, EPCOR’s AAP Prep and NCP Prep Programs and select EPCOR events are not included in the EPCOR Education Club. The AAP/NCP Discount cannot be used to purchase an Education Club or Education Club Points. 2017 Education Club Points may only be used toward 2017 learning events. Points may not be carried over to the following year.